Where to buy tap shoes customers design choice? You can find in local stores, or a shopping center. Generally at the mall there is a specialized merchant brand dance shoes. […]

Jazz shoes are the most common form of this type dance shoes with so many options. After you read you should be more confident that jazz shoes help you become […]

Dancing activities closely with other activities. You need equipment that its use is durable. For sports apparel, you need not feel worried, wear a shirt made from a comfortable sweatshirt […]

History of Franck Raoul-Duval And Sansha Dance Shoes   Franck Raoul-Duval was born in France in 1982 has the desire to produce a new kind of shoes for the dance. […]

Why We Called Character Shoes Because these dancing character shoes are often used if performed broadway audition, musical theatre. These shoes are also often described as jazz and tap shoes. […]