The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Shoes For Hip Hop Dancing

When it is all about dancing, it is about an art. It is always inspiring to watch the dance and it is something fun to do. Both the dancer and the audience got their happiness at the same time. For a novice who is so inspired by the dance, he may not consider about the needs of proper tools including the Best Shoes For Hip Hop Dancing. For men, dancing shoes is divided based on the type of use and different shoes are designed for different dance types.


best shoes for hip hop aerobics
Best Shoes for Hip Hop Aerobics


Does Hip-Hop Dancing Require Specialized Shoes?

Speaking about hip-hop dancing, it doesn’t require any specialized shoes. It is because hip-hop dancing is quite popular in both indoor and outdoor areas. It is why when you want to choose the right shoes it should be able to deal with outdoor use. Therefore, most hip-hop dancers will wear sneakers and even other rubber soled street shoes unless developing any specialized routine.

In fact, regular athletic sneakers are still appropriate for hip-hop dance. Even you can wear the shoes to join any class for hip-hop dance. It means it is okay if you want to wear your non-marking athletic shoe that you love to wear for your fitness class.

There is no need to use a split-soled dance sneaker or other dance shoes when it is all about learning hip-hop dancing. If you wear one, it will cause you to stick out. Well, there is nothing wrong, but wearing your existing sneakers helps you to avoid purchasing others that specifically for hip-hop.

If possible, it is recommended for you to have a sturdy pair of athletic sneakers. Well, the choices are quite wide and you don’t have to go with a certain style or brand to fit your fellow dancers. Dancers go with certain brands. They do wear stylish sneakers and if you want to do so, you can find the most popular option by taking a hip hop dance class.



How To Choose The Best Shoes For Hip-Hop Dancing

As we already explained above that you can choose a sturdy pair of athletic sneakers. Below is our ultimate guide to help you to find the right athletic sneakers for your hip-hop class.


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  1. Understand Your Foot

It is absolute that we have 10 toes and two heels, but feet come in various shapes. It is important to know about your foot’s particular quirks. If you do know, it helps you to find the right pair of shoes. Even major brands provide a shoe model for every foot type.  To determine is about doing the wet test. It is better to wet your foot first and then step on a piece of brown paper so you can trace your footprint. Or, you can even look at the last pair of shoes for the most wear.

Based on the footprint, it helps you to know the entire sole of your foot. If there is no curve on the inside, or at least a very little of it and if your shoes show the most wear on its inside edge, it can be said that you have low arches or flat feet.

This is crucial if you want athletic shoes for your hip-hop dancing with motion-control feature as well as maximum support.

However, if the footprint only shows a portion of your forefoot as well as the heel with a narrow connection between the two, or if your shoes wear out mostly on the outside edge, it means that you have high arches and it means your feet roll outward. It is recommended for you to find a cushioned shoe with the soft midsole.

We can say that you have a neutral arch in case that your footprint comes with distinct curves inside and your shoes wear out uniforms. It is better for you to find stability shoe that offers both cushioning and support.

If you know about your foot, surely you can find Best Shoes For Hip Hop Dancing.




  1. Frequent Foot Measurement

We have to say that it is only a myth if foot size doesn’t change in adult as it is explained by Steven Raiken, MD. Our feet can change as we are getting older. It means that you have to measure your feet for about twice a year. The sizes also can be various based on brands. Therefore, you need to go around finding what fits, not based on the size of the shoe that you are looking for.


best shoes for hip hop dance class


  1. Purchase Shoes At The End Of The Day

It is even recommended to purchase shoes for your hip-hop dancing class at the end of the day. It is because the feet swell over the course of the day and they can expand while you walk or run. It means that the shoes must fit your feet when they are at their largest size


what are the best shoes for hip hop dancing


  1. Know The Bells and The Whistles

For some models, the athletic shoes are properly designed better I space mission instead for running or walking in the park but don’t ignore the groovy-looking features. It has its purpose with the clear inserts filled with Freon, gel and air to provide more shock absorption. The features are great for those who are commonly dealing with heel pain, but it is not so good for people with ankles twist because the shoes have extra cushioning to provide less traction.

Season Sale
Season Sale


  1. Avoid Over Or Underpay

For those who are seeking for good quality athletic shoes or sneakers as their The Best Shoes For Hip Hop Dancing the price is fairly pricey, but usually worth it. If you purchase a shoe with 15 dollars, it wouldn’t be as good as the 80 dollars of shoe. It is about the style, the quality and the design that you will get.


  1. Know When You Have To Buy

Your shoes should be replaced after using it for quite many. It is easy for you to identify when you have to buy the new one to replace your old dancing shoes for hip-hop class based on your shoes look and feel. If the back of the sole is worn out and if the shoes are not comfortable or less supportive anymore, it is better to replace it.