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5 Most Hand Picked Wide Width Dance Shoes For Stylish Look

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Wide Width Dance Shoes must be appropriate and comfortable to wear. It is your footwear to make sure that you are true dancer. The shoes should fit you well to give positive divergence, especially for your dancing time and finding the wrong shoes will lead you to ill-fitting problem that wouldn’t make your dance look good and even trouble your health.


Below is Our Recommendation as the Most Hand-Picked Options You Can Go To


  1. Women’s Mid Heel PU Leather Ballroom, Salsa, Tango, Latin Party Dance Shoes
wide width dance shoes ballroom
Wide Width Dance Shoes Ballroom

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The size of the shoes is available in many options that surely fit your feet. The color options are a lot which is about fifteen choices starting from brown to silver. It is a great idea if you purchase some as the part of your collections.

The shoes are made of PU leather with the suede sole design. For the heel, it is about 3.1-inch with the size that is the same as the street shoe size that wouldn’t make you confused. The shoes are designed with a round toe and mid heel. For the height of the heel, the company provides various options starting from 5cm, 6cm to 8cm.

The height of the heels is also various starting from the 5cm as the lowest and 8.5cm as the highest.  The upper part of the shoe is completed with synthetic as well as glitter material. The closed toe design helps you to have a stylish look for your dance performance. The high heel has flared design and the heel height is customized with the chart you can follow. The T-strap is adjustable and it has buckled along with the clip so you can close and open it easily. The last information about the shoes is the multiple forefoot straps that give more support. The insole is cushioned and the leather sole is presented for your ultimate comfort.


  1. Ribbon Knot Satin Ankle Wrap Latin Dance Shoes for Women 
wide width ladies ballroom dance shoes
Wide Width Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes

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Our next recommendation you can pick for your dance shoes is this product which is constructed from satin. It is complete with leather sole. The shoes have a cross strap design as well as buckle closure that wouldn’t make you find any difficulties to close and open it. The heel height is about 7.5cm. The heel style can be customized and the heel height that can meet your need. The buckle and the clip give you effortless slip and release.

It can be your ideal option for your prom, evening, wedding, party or other special occasion.


  1. Suede Salsa, Tango, Ballroom Latin Dance Sandals For Women’s Fashion 
wide width dance shoes canada
Wide Width Dance Shoes Canada

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As other shoes, this dance shoes are designed with various sizes you can go with. The color options are quite many starting from black, blue and red. The shoes are designed from suede with leather sole. The heel is about 4-inch and the height of the heel is available in many options so you can choose based on your need. It is also possible to change the color like green, pink, purple, yellow, silver, gold or black and other color as long as you can send your query to the company.

The shoes are perfect as dance shoes, wedding party as well as evening occasion. The shoes are also designed with shoe buckle and clip to give instant slip and release.


  1. Women Spun Gold Bowknot Dance-Modern Casual Polyurethane Pumps-Shoes

wide width leather dance shoes
Modern Casual Polyurethane Pumps-Shoes

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This is our next option if what you are seeking for is about one of the best Wide Width Dance Shoes. It is completed in many sizes available. The color options are quite many, such as pink, red and  white. The shoes are designed with man-made material and the heel is about 1.4-inch. The fitting tips are true to the size. The height of the platform is about 0.25-inch and the sole is made of TPR rubber. It looks stylish with the help of padded faux leather insole.

If you love something classic with kitten heels and gum rubber sole, it is all that you need.


  1. T-Strap Glitter Salsa, Tango, Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes Wedding Women’s Style 
wide width jazz dance shoes
wide width jazz dance shoes

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It is our last adorable design when it is all about dance shoes. The sizes are available in many options as well as the colors starting from black, blue, floral black, floral gold, gold, purple and silver. Some of those colors have different size of heel so you can choose based on what you want.

The shoes are designed for leather with suede leather sole for your comfort. The company provides wider options for buyers. You can choose other colors based on your personal taste such as red, bronze, purple, pink or champagne. Even you can dye it with their color chart in the picture. To get this service, you have to end your email to the company after making any order immediately.

The heel style is also possible to be customized and the heel height is also customizable, but again, you have to contact the company after making your order. The suede leather sole is also available, which makes you possible to change to rubber sole anytime that you want the shoes for outdoor.

It is a recommended choice if you want the highest quality dance shoes that you can use for salsa, ballroom or tango. Even you can wear it for your stylish look in wedding party, evening prom as well as other special moments.

The forefoot design is quite secure which will give you a safe pair of shoes for your dance time. The closed toe and the T-strap design has speed buckle that makes you easy to close and open the shoes at anytime quickly.

Dealing with Wide Width Dance Shoes is quite easy. It is always recommended for you to pick closed toe shoes that enclose your toes if you are beginner dancers in order to give secure protection to your toes. Choose shoes with leather soles which slide better and more resilient. Suede soles make your shoes more flexible and you can feel the softness.

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