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Women’s wide width dress sandals are the best solution if you have some extra money to spend since most of it has a considerable price. The dress sandals from Jimmy Choo, especially, have a very high price, but it is worth the quality, designs, and every aspect of the shoes. Also, you will acquire some prestige if you wear an expensive and branded dress sandal. So, here are some recommended Jimmy Choo dress sandals for you to choose.


Wide-Width Strappy Dress Sandals
Thalia Sodi Wide-Width Ebbony Strappy Dress Sandals

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Jimmy Choo’s T-Strap called Mahine

The first one is named Mahine Lace-Up T-Strap sandal. This Jimmy Choo’s product has 3.3’ covered heel, a bit higher than the common sandals or wedges. The lace up t-strap is what makes this product unique. It gives you an elegant and classy look. The looks also complimented with comfort and conveniences. The self-tie closure and elastic ankle cuffs are adjustable so you can set it with your feet. The back zip will make you easier to put on the shoes. The shoes should be available for a price around $500. This shoe is made in Italy and the sizing is quite small, so it is recommended to order a half size larger than your usual size.


Steve Madden Women's Ireneew Wide Width Dress Sandal
Steve Madden Women’s Ireneew Wide Width Dress Sandal

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Jimmy Choo’s silver Ivette

This sandal has a silver tone leather, giving you a stunning, glamour, and classy looks. It is recommended that you are accustomed to high heels since the heel of this sandal is similar to those high stiletto heels. What makes these shoes quite pricey is that the material used is 100% leather, making this product a premium shoes among the Jimmy Choo’s product. This shoe was made with the collaboration from Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway, famous shoe designers. So it is not confused to see the price for these pairs of shoes is around $650 and more.


Stiletto High Heel Ankle Strap Dress Sandals
Stiletto High Heel Ankle Strap Dress Sandals

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Last but not least: the exorbitantly expensive, yet alluring Mixed Media Sandals

This shoes’ level is above the Ivette. It uses satin, plush velvet, and rich mirror leather to give it luxurious, classy, and glamorous looks. The tulle clinching will help you to shape a diaphanous bow on the ankle. The premium materials on the shoes are complemented with lacquered 4.75 high heels Velvet, back zip leather lining and sole padded insole. The shoes were made from Italy and it will cost you around $950 for each pair.


Those three sandals are made with fine materials and give you a top notch quality. Jimmy Choo offers you a lot of luxurious and pricey shoes that very worth the price. The mentioned products are great if you want to find a good Womens wide width dress sandal.


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