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Best Choice Perfect Shoes for Swing Dancing

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You have to consider several things when choosing the perfect shoes for swing dancing.  What of the most important thing when it comes to swing dancing shoes is the sole. There are several types of soles used in swing dancing shoes. Here is what you need to know about the sole of swing dancing shoes.


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Types of soles for swing dancing shoes are:


Soles made of strong rubber

Hard rubber is durable and provides you with a lot of grip so you don’t have to worry about being slipped off on the dance floor. The grip it provides is somewhat make a lot of dancers tired during the dance session. You have to put extra efforts to move your feet freely. So, the conclusion is the hard rubber is not the best choice if you decided to buy shoes for swing dancing.


If you cannot afford a strong rubber, duct tape could work as well

Applying duct tape to your shoes is somehow an effective solution if you don’t have any shoes available for swing dancing. The very bad thing when using duct tape is that it wears out quickly and often times will leave your shoes with those horrible sticky marks. Also, the duct tape can affect the dance floor, so be careful when you use one. It is considered as an emergency solution, so use the duct tape wisely. Proper shoe sole is preferable for swing dancing.


The suede for the suaves

Many swing dancers think that suede is the best material for swing dancing shoes. What make them love suede so much is that the smoothness and flexibility it provides. Suede sole will let you move freely without any hesitation. But you need to be careful since this material will get more slippery if you use it often. A puddle of drink may damage your suede shoes and making it wet, so you will not be able to continue your dancing time. The suede shoes often times slippery because of its cons, easily contaminated with dust, so you can bring a little brush to clean your shoes and make it rougher during dancing session. But, some people prefer to not to brush the shoes, so it is up to you.


Strong, traditional hard leather

Hard leather is the most durable and smoothest, compared to other materials mentioned above. It can be used on the dance floor or street walking. The cost of the shoes is what makes this material not preferable.

Remember that soles for swing dancing shoes are important. You have to suits your movement with the material. Good shoes for swing dancing are the one which suits its owner perfectly.

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