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Whether you’ve been dancing for a week or several years, choosing a good dance shoe can be a tricky proposition. How much the shoe will cost me? This depends completely on what kind of Aris Allen Dance Shoes you want to, your budget. Generally range is probably from about $25-200 depending on what you’re looking for.

Character shoes are the go to shoes for chorus lines everywhere. They are low heeled, usually black, and have a T-Strap or Mary Jane style closure. They are very sturdy and if you intend to Lindy in heels, these are a good start.

Other heeled shoes can make good dance shoes but make sure that the shoe is not flying off. Straps, buckles and a good fit are important.Keep in mind, in Aris Allen Dance Shoes with a heel—you want a comfortable, supportive shoe that straps securely to your foot.

If you’re interested in buying Aris Allen dance shoes, here are the most popular:


  • Aris Allen Men’s Black and Dark Gray

aris allen dance shoes amazon
aris allen dance shoes amazon

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The sporty look features a suede sole and is styled like a vintage mid-century sports shoe. Because of its light weight and suede sole you will be sure-footed on the dance floor while still being able to slide and spin. So now you can still wear sneakers without endangering your knees by dancing on rubber-bottom soles.



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  • Aris Allen Men’s Black Dance Shoes

aris allen ballroom dance shoes
aris allen ballroom dance shoes

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Designed for the intermediate / advanced dancer – Also great as a second pair for beginners since the “fastness” of the sole forces you to “find your center” immediately. These are classic dress loafers with raw leather soles for dancing. While you can dance just about anything in the loafers, this style is favored by Balboa dancers.

Whichever option you choose, remember commonly women and men worn Aris Allen Dance shoes, A well made dress shoe of any variable with a leather sole. Take care of your shoes and your feet so that both will be on the dance floor all night. Try out a few steps in the shop to be sure of fit and function. See you on the dance floor.

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