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When looking for turning shoes, dancers have to pay attention to the fit of the shoe models, dah heels. The fit of the shoe is very important, considering how you will wear it very often. Our feet should feel comfortable when we are walking or dancing on the dance floor. When you try the first time try to walk in the room to make sure that the layout of the shoe is not loose and not cramped, not rubbing against the skin which will cause injury.

Next model affirms need to dance shoes. Depending on your choice in the dance. E.g. zinnia zip from IE mesh and leather shoes. Provide comfort in shoes when worn for a long time, make sure that your skin can breathe and unlimited space motion.

Next, consider the high heels. High heel should fit but it still illustrates the typical you when dancing use heel shoes. Bottom line don’t you practice dancing use slippers or flat shoes. Dance practice equally serious when you are performing at the event.


  • Dance Womens Pulse Shoe

turning shoes dance
Bloch Dance Womens Pulse Shoe

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100% cotton lining adds strength and helps the shoe breathe. Suede soles allow spins and stops precisely. Very low heel support to stop the movement. Manufacturers Womens Pulse Shoe recommend added half the size from your normal size to accommodate foot widths.


  • Minitoo Ladies

turning shoes upside down
Minitoo Ladies TH152

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The company manufactures a wide range of times tianhe minitoo ladies dance shoes with competitive price. Shoes that can be used for prom, wedding or event dance. Many color choices available, select the ones you like best and match with your beautiful gown. Powerful, comfortable and stylish you will get by wearing these shoes.


  • Women’s Manhattan Character

best turning dance shoes
Capezio Manhattan Leather Character

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Manhattan Character is a must-have for any performer. The versatile shoe features a classic mary jane silhouette with an adjustable buckle, and a smooth leather upper and sole. Perfect for theatrical, character, and tap performances.



A pair of dance shoes is an important asset owned by the dancers, so choose carefully. You want to make your own dance shoes, Bring your regular shoes to the Shoemaker, a message is created, the sol also matched suede soles.

Shoe Brush with Genuine Leather Protector for Suede Sole
Shoe Brush with Genuine Leather Protector for Suede Sole

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After having a pair of shoes that fit you, then take it right to always keep the shoes in good condition. Use a fine brush cleans the soles of shoes and shoe store in the dry state not humid. Save in a sufficient air. And remember don’t wear dance shoes for a walk outside, where it’s not supposed to. Please use a special dancing shoe bag, this will help to keep the shape of the shoe is not changed.

Shoe Bag - Dancing Shoes - Bombay Duck
Shoe Bag – Dancing Shoes – Bombay Duck

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Lots of choices of dance shoes latin, jazz etc. The last few years the market dance shoes increased. So also with the ballroom procurement event, tv broadcast ever on the rise. Dance dance session became very popular and became the favorite television. Therefore there is no harm if buying dance shoes that cost obviously higher prices that are tailored to the needs of dance you need from the comfort of a shoe. But still the price can not be lying to a quality. Turning shoes proper dance shoes will not only get the comfort but also help you dance better.

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