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Buying A Good Pair Of Swing Dance Shoes

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While a lot of swing dancers like to wear, swing dance shoes they find in any regular and online shoe store, just added insoles cushions to make your feet feel comfortable.  If you buy regular shoes, there are things you can do to make the soles more slick.  Elaborate them more on adjusting the sole. From Lindy Hop or Western Swing, Boogie-Woogie to Modern Jive, whatever your swing style, let’s take a minute to look at what makes buying a good pair of swing dance shoes.

To modern swing, some dancers prefer to wear dance sneakers especially to practice in. As both dance sneakers and men’s swing shoes have a relatively flat sole and only a minimal heel this doesn’t cause too much of an issue with balance or movement. Further, dance sneakers have a lot more traction than shoes designed for swing dancing,  so wearing dance sneakers for swing dancing might not be your best choice.

Cut and style and heel height are generally a matter of personal choice for both men and women’s swing dance shoes, there are a few key characteristics that define good swing shoes. Swing shoes for kids will feature all of the characteristics of good swing shoes for adults, although the show will make all over lighter construction.

  1. It Should be Cushioned and LinedMen women swing dance shoes should’ve some degree of cushioned lining to protect feet from the impact of the dance steps. Ideally, this should be a supportive foam. Some swing shoes have rubber built into the soles to increase impact resistance, especially on the heels.
  2. It Needs to Be Supportive also FlexibleLike Oxford style shoes have great foot support. For women choosing open style shoes should ensure their shoe is fitted with adequate arch and lateral support as well as secure straps or other closures to keep the foot stable within the shoe. A good swing dance shoe will have a secure fit, but won’t be overly tight or allow the foot to slide inside the shoe.At the same time you want your feet held secure, you also need a shoe with enough flexibility to let your foot move through the motions. Leather uppers provide of upper foot flexibility, and open top shoes are the most flexible. A flexible sole also important. Good swing shoes are often designed with a split sole for maximum movement, and a lot of high heeled swing shoes also feature a shorter arch support shaft for greater sole flexibility.

Types of Swing Dance Shoes to Perform


  • Capezio Women’s Jr.

swing dance shoes australia
swing dance shoes australia

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Wanna dance without experiencing pain or worrying about the shoes coming off your feet, where we recommend this Capezio, all leather upper with a suede sole, it is also constructed with a non-slip heel counter making it a great shoe for dances with short stop steps. Fully cushioned for impact resistance also you will get a brushed micropoly lining for comfort and moisture control.

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  • Women’s Snub Toe Black

swing dance shoes amazon
swing dance shoes amazon

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These Aris Allen women’s swing dance shoes are a stylish addiction wardrobe. Build with a leather upper and durable suede soles, this swing shoe also has a cushioned inner with additional heel support and a flexible split sole. The wide set heel constructed for maximum shock absorption.


So, Ladies! Anything your swing dance style, foot type, there is always a good pair of swing dance shoes out there that will match and fit perfectly to your feet. And now it’s time to bring out your style and hit the dance floor!

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