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Capezio Character Shoes T-Strap Customers Review

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Do you’re working on Broadway, Off-Broadway, regionally, or a community theatre,  then you must be know what is “capezio character shoes” are. Maybe you’ve probably never thought much about them. It’s  just something you have to own if you want to dance on a stage.


What is “Character Shoes”


Character shoes are designed to aid the dancer in his or her fancy footwork. What is makes a character shoe a character shoe? “The flexibility of it, so you can feel the floor under you and articulate the dance movement, the midtown shoe store that serves the theatre, dance, and television communities. “It’s the flexibility of the shoe. It’s the way they’re engineered. You can get movement throughout the foot and are not are held back.” Character shoes are usually worn by female ensemble members in a musical, but, there are character shoes for men as well. The shoes usually either black or tan, so that the color of the shoe does not distract from the dancer, and have a heel of one or two inches, and a strap, sometimes one that just crosses the ankle but often a T-strap in front, so they don’t go flying off into space during a high-kicking routine.

There was a New York chain called the London Character Shoe Company in the first decades of the 20th century. But they seem to have catered to the general public, not the performing community. A Character Dance is a type of classical dance that plays an important role in the history of ballet. It is a stylized version of a traditional folk and regional dance, adapted for the stage.

Another said “that they were called character shoes because they were made to suit the character the performer was playing. “For instance, a black shoe for a keystone cop; a sneaker for a gang member in West Side Story. The weren’t functional shoes. They fit the character. The look was appropriate for that character.”


The List And Review Of Capezio Character Shoes

Should we take a look, yes indeed!


  •     Women’s Theatrical Footlight

Capezio 656 Theatrical Footlight Stage Shoe
capezio character shoes

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The Theatrical Footlight shoe from Capezio is a must-have for any performer. The mary jane features an adjustable buckle strap for custom fitting, a padded footbed for superior comfort, and a 3″ heel. Wear them as is for theatrical and character performances, or taps can be added as well.


  •     Dance Women’s 3″ Flex Character


Capezio 657 Black Manhattan
capezio character shoes amazon

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The 3″ Heel Flex Character features stretch accents that are ideally placed for security and comfort. Additional features include a functional vamp and T-strap design, a new heel profile that elongates the leg line and is placed in the natural strike zone for stability and an exaggerated arch, and a suede sole. The interior strapping system allows for full articulation of the forefoot, keeps the foot secure, and allows the T-strap to expand/retract with movement.


  •     Girls Academy Character Shoe 457C

Capezio Girls Academy Character Shoe 457C Black
capezio character shoes cheap

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The shoe upper is brushed canvas with a  pink elastic strap which fastens with snap closure. The sole is suede with a 1” heel. Suitable for younger dancer.  Ideal for character dance or just practise!


  •     Capezio Women’s T-Strap

Capezio Women's BR128 Alandra Latin T-Strap
capezio broadway flex character shoes 658

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The tan leather is supple and soft and the hard leather soles of the shoes glide easily. The soles are cross-hatched on the bottom to provide a little traction, but I would not recommend wearing these as street shoes, since you will ruin them as dance shoes. I only wear mine inside on carpet or on hardwood.


  •     Women’s Eva 2″ Flared Heel

Capezio Women's SD01 Eva 2" Flared
Capezio Women’s SD01 Eva 2″ Flared

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Satin upper. Open toe and sides. 2″ Flared heel. Secure forefoot. Adjustable crisscross ankle straps. Speed buckle. 1/2 shank for support and flexibility. Cushioned insole and suede sole. Begin with street shoe size.


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Love all those shoes, easy on/off clasp. Apparently, that allows the shoes to stretch while not getting too big. Took a little bit to break in, because the toe portion was tight against the tops of my feet. But they’ve gotten more and more comfortable. And, as they are black, are versatile for me to wear with almost anything when I go dancing. I also got a steel shoe brush, to keep the bottoms of the shoes napped (not flat), for better turning. It’s helpful that these shoes come with a carry bag. I just put my brush, and even my money and cel phone inside along with the shoes, when I go out to dance. Well, That’s all the summary of Capezio Character Shoes, i do really hope it can help you make a decision to buy.

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