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Choosing Popular Salsa Mens Dance Shoes

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Salsa dancing brings on the heat with fast footwork, sexy hip sways, and syncopated rhythms. To do all that, indeed, need a Mens dance shoes and women shoes. Rhythmic, tunes, slave driven Salsa music keeps every dancer on their toes. Ready to embrace those shakes and shimmies? Here are some tips to get started with Salsa:

Salsa comes in a variety of styles, so find out which class matches your personality, making it easy to get acquainted with some basic moves video online before hitting the dance floor, salsa is traditionally a social partner dance so don’t forget to bring a friend along, make sure you wear the proper dance shoes and take a nice and slow movement at first to ensure all the moves feel comfortable, try not to get your ankle and joints got bruises and injury.

It is so important take a dance and wear the right shoes, because you gonna standing up on feet. If you just keep the shoes from slip off all day or lost balance yourself while you spin and move around, that is so terrible. There is no other way to choosing popular salsa Mens dance shoes and buy 1 or 2 new pair.

Dance shoes have a wide selection for women and men. Below are the most popular salsa Mens dance shoes to complete your need for enjoyable dancing performance.


  • Mens Round Toe Leather Modern Salsa

mens dance shoes amazon
Mens Round Toe Leather Modern Dance Shoes

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It has good balance and steadiness which makes you dance easier yet with fashionable look. The suede sole prevents any slipping happens so that your foot can slide smoothly. It is made much better with strong design and securely attached to your feet all the time.


  • Mens Round Toe 1.5 Inch Heel Leather Lace Up Salsa


amazon men's ballroom dance shoes
amazon men’s ballroom dance shoes

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This option is the same as the first option. The difference is in its color.  It is the alternative if you think that black is the best color for you. This shoe has elegant look which is constructed from synthetic and fabric materials. The heel is about 1.5 inches, which is the same features as the first option.


  • Leon Men Tango/Salsa Dance Shoes

mens dance shoes atlanta
Nueva Epoca – Leon Men Tango

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An exclusive and elegant new tap Oxford men’s Latin dance shoes from Werner Kern with a distinctive combination of grey and black Nappa leather. The Passformgerechte design combined with the comfort 5 – hole lacing provides complete and comfortable grip.


  • Mens Round Toe 1,2 Inch Heel Leather


buy mens dance shoes australia
buy mens dance shoes australia

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Actual heel height 1,2 Inch, Lightly cushioned footbed, Professional dancing shoes. It is completed with better heel placement to make sure that it has a proper balance and steadiness so that it makes you easier to dance with.


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Many dance shoes are made in England or other European countries, so make sure you check the sizing before you order. Latin shoes have suede bottoms, so don’t wear them anywhere else except inside on the dance floor. The suede allows you to have traction on hardwood floors and spin/move around at a controlled speed. Most importantly, watch out for European sizing, which is usually 2.5 sizes smaller than US sizing, so convert your Mens dance shoes size before you buy.

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