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Finding perfect children’s tap shoes is one of the important things to support tap dancing activities. You will find many variations of tap dance when you want to buy a pair of tap shoes for your child. Some important things you should consider when buying tap shoes are comfort, style, and sound; The three most basic things in choosing tap shoes.


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When you want to buy tap shoes, then comfort is the first thing you should pay attention to. Comfort tap shoes will make your child comfortable when practicing and dancing. One thing you should know is about the size of tap shoes that are different from the usual child you wear everyday. Tap shoes size is usually 1-2cm smaller than other shoes. Tap shoes are designed to fit perfectly on your child’s feet; No more space is left. The presence of space on tap shoes will make your child feel uncomfortable when dancing and even cause injury due to friction between shoes and feet.

Style is also an important factor in choosing children’s tap shoes because the style will increase your child’s confidence when dancing. Tap shoes are made with a variety of designs, one of which may be in accordance with your child’s personality and desires. Tap shoes are usually made from a combination of several materials such as leather, canvas, plastic, and wood. There is also a model of split sole jazz, which is tap shoes that have the flexibility like jazz shoes so that children can do more variations of movement. Split sole jazz is usually worn by professional dancers who combine other dances on tap dance.

The last factor is sound. The thing most noticed by tap dance lovers is the sound generated from the tap shoes. Tap shoes usually have some adjustable screws. Screw settings function to produce variations of sound. Screws can be tightened or loosened; Depending on the sound you want to generate.


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children's tap shoes amazon
Children’s Tap Shoes Amazon


You can buy at dance shop and online shop. For those of you who want to buy shoes first, you should invite your child so that your child can try it. It is important for the child to see firsthand, choose, and try the tap shoes that he will wear. Shop assistants will assist you in choosing the right shoes for your child. The assistants will give you lots of information and recommendations for you and your child. Children’s tap shoes are usually present in various brands and prices, each has its own advantages. Tap kids shoes are usually priced from $ 50- $ 100. Make sure you choose children’s tap shoes that are really comfortable and in accordance with the wishes of your child.

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