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Pedini Jazz Shoes / boots really are a matter of days gone by, when needed or great just for beginner jazz dancers to get a particular look” that is “. Toe Pads, Turners, Half-Soles, etc., This type of shoe (which has existed for more than a decade now!) is ideal for jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern, as well as some musical theater amounts.

Just covering half the foot, this shoe also makes it possible for the dancer to feel the flooring” and distribute the feet to develop an improved sense of balance and link and offers help on slick surfaces. There certainly are several different versions of the design, one covering the whole front half the foot using a strap or two straps which fastens round the heel.

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  • Capezio Womens 321 Pedini Shoe

Durable leather upper, soft. Patented, two piece, split-sole design with minimalist instep supplies arch exposure that was prominent. Grip is provided by a contoured suede forefoot bandage. Non slip heel counter offers excellent support. Schism sole, suede provides grip, comfort, and moisture absorbency. Suitable for current, modern, lyrical, and teaching. Also accessible, kid sizes.


pedini jazz shoes with buckle

Capezio’s Pedini shoe is ideal for both jazz and lyrical performances. Its soft leather upper forms to your comfy fit using a minimal instep layout for arch exposure. Also comes with a buckle closure that is conventional.


  • Capezio Womens EJ2 Jazz

Best seller. Slip-on split sole. Low profile upper design. EVA forefoot, heel and support. Heel counter features an Achilles relief providing you with a topline that is softer. Foam cushioned insole. Absorbent cotton liner. Also accessible, kid sizes. Start with street shoe size guys 2 sizes up.


black pedini jazz shoes

The E Series jazz shoe from Capezio comes with a flexible and soft leather upper that molds to the shape of your foot. The split sole features a textured design that provides grip on any surface. An ideal basic for just about any jazz session.


  • Capezio Womens EJ1 Jazz Shoe

capezio pedini jazz shoes

Made from operation EVA outsole and Capezio’s well-known soft, long-lasting leather, the rent-sole Market Jazz Oxford comes with a notched heel counter for ease on the Achilles tendon and shock. Laces and cotton liner give a contouring fit. Imported.

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