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Dancer’s Review of Suffolk Stellar Pointe Shoes

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Suffolk Stellar Pointe shoes made for pleasant aesthetics in addition to function, these shoes usually have a brief lifespan, but empower the dancer to move with stamina and incredible elegance.


An appropriate fit legs, ankles and safeguards the dancer’s feet and makes en Pointe work potential. This can be particularly essential for younger dancers, as incorrect fitting shoes can impair appropriate bone growth.


There certainly are several designs as well as brands available, with no single kind is created for each dancer. A dancer’s encounter, contour of strength and the foot need to be looked at in choosing the most effective suffolk stellar pointe shoe.


Ballet Pointe Shoes for Girls
Ballet Pointe Shoes for Girls




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The review Pointe shoe Suffolk – Audrey King                        ( @audreyking_ ):

My name is Audrey. I’m homeschooled and I’ve been dancing for 8 years. I’m 11 years old and I love ballet. Suffolk Solo Prequel size 4.5 one X

Since summer, I just started pointe in May.

My first pair lasted until I grew out of them, but they shank was almost dead. A month ago I got my second pair. They are holding up nicely (:

I like the color actually. Their not the kind of white or kind of orange. They also work well with my feet. They create a nice line on my arch. I like the way they mold to my feet the more I wear them.

The drawstring! It’s a fabric drawstring not elastic. It’s a little bit difficult to unknot the drawstring.

I use toe spacers between my big toe and second toe. I tape my pinky toes with toe tape and wear flesh colored toe pads!

About 3 hours and 20 minutes a week. That’s 200 minutes. Including rehearsals, it’s about 290 minutes.

I had just turned eleven the month before.

I think it looks beautiful. It’s painful, but I love the way it looks. Plus, suffolk stellar pointe shoes, makes you feel taller!

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