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Everyone receives their own preferences girl’s shoes for swing dancing. For women, you will need a sole that isn’t too sticky so that you can spin. And add insoles and cushions to make my feet more comfortable. If you are buying street shoes you may want to make the sole more slick for pivoting and spinning. Chrome leather picks up wax and dirt from the floor and becomes slicker over time as you wear it.  You can use cement or a wire brush to scrape off the wax if they become too slick. A cobbler can do both of these things for you. Besides that, you can also buy chrome leather and glue it to the bottom of your shoe.

Another option that also more cheaper for making your sole slick is duct tape. People used Moleskin also on the soles of shoes, which is very slick.

A swing dancer Lindy Hop was danced in street shoes, whatever you would wear to go out at night in the 1930s or 40s. Often this meant canvas tennis shoes, or leather lace-up shoes like Oxfords. For dancing in heels usually you want a closed toe girl’s, shoes for swing dancing or dance shoes with straps, so it doesn’t come off your foot while dancing. Mary Jane or T-Bar styles were common. For balance, the heel shouldn’t be too skinny, so avoid stilettos or shoes for dancing tango.

We downlist the 5 dancers favorite shoes for swing dancing


  • Ladies Ankle Strap Leather by Miyoopark

best shoes for swing dancing
Ladies Fashion Ankle Strap Suede Latin Dance Sandals

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Miyoopark is committed to making high quality and economic dance shoes for ladies,men and children.You can make 10cm, 8.5cm, 8cm, 7.5cm, 7cm, 6cm, 5cm, 4cm height heel shoes for different needs. You can use the shoes for Latin, Tango, Salsa and other various dance occasion, It also is suited for bridal, bridesmaid wedding shoes and formal party evening prom and special occasion.

This dance shoe is featured with adjustable straps and elastic binding. In another word, it gives you flexibility for snug and secure fit. It is a durable option and it is the perfect solution if you want versatile dance shoes.


  • Women’s Tango, Ballroom by Mystique

This shoe are made by specialized handcraftmen from Buenos Aires. Authentic and Genuine tango ballroom argentine dance shoes. They are suitable for any kind of ballroom dance such as salsa, rumba, etc. The materials used are: genuine argentine leather, fine suede, patent leather, lame or villone, depending on the style. Our products are of high quality, being their productive process exposed to strict controls.

Shoes are handmade according to your measurements, so please, wait for measuring instructions after making your purchase. Wide range of different styles, colours, materials and heel heights to choose from. They are soft and comfortable, prepared with extra arch support made of steel and extra foot padding. Suitable for learners and professional dancers. They combine quality, durability, finesse and stability. To use at your milonga or at a show.

  • Women’s Latin Tango Dance Shoes by CoastaCloud

Just how gorgeous are these!! Perfect as a gift or for shows, these sparkly little shoes are guaranteed to put a smile on your little one’s face. In case that you are looking for dance shoes for turning that provide comfortable fit and snug, it would be good to go with this option. It makes effortless turning for any routine.


  • Women’s Dance Shoes Eva 6.5 by Werner Kern

Expressive Werner Kern Ballet Shoe. Exclusive Triple Blade increments and double Kreuzristri Emchen guide are pure extravagance. The both under the sole as well as on the heel means you can adjust Adjustable Kreuzristri Emchen gives the shoe a perfect and extremely comfortable grip.

The various sizes are available from large to X-large. There are some color options available. The presentation of suede sole will support your foot to slide smoothly and it wouldn’t make you slipped on the dance floor, which is truly important for your safety and your confidence.


  • Women’s Standard & Latin by Werner Kern

If you look at the very first sight, it looks like the shoes are identical to other women’s high heel with its stylish look to wear for performances, but surely it has big difference. Since it is presented as a heel ballroom dance shoes, it is designed more carefully. It is completed with better heel placement to make sure that it has a proper balance and steadiness so that it makes you easier to dance with the high-heeled ballroom shoes compared to fashion heels.

Swing dancing is not just a dance, it is more than that, it is a lifestyle. People having fun celebrating the Swing Dance as a true American dance form. You will meet the great and wonderful people around. And you can make a lifelong friendship. And a great thing is you have a big opportunity to travel to different cities and states to go to dance events all over the nation wearing girl’s shoes for swing dancing you love most.

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