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Bloch Respect tap shoes are quite popular among the tap dancers. The name Bloch it is considered as one of the best tap shoes across the world. The term respect is to define a classic man tap shoes that use premium leather with stitched-in heel counter to ensure stability. Here are some recommendations of Bloch Respect tap shoes.


  • Respect S3061M

This shoe uses straight leather stacked heel to create a warm weighted tone, complemented with Cashmere lining that act as a soft cushion to provide comfort and shock absorption. Asides from that, this shoe also has other features such as full grain leather upper for maximum comfort and durability;

The rounded toe shape to accommodate different shape of the foot; reinforced stitching on the upper for extra length and add a touch of style; Notched collar at the heel to reduce pressure on Achilles tendon; and the last is Pro Balance rubber attached under the ball of the foot that act as anti-slip material and will let you keep going on any top surface.


bloch respect tap shoes uk
bloch respect tap shoes uk


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This Bloch shoes are a mix between Oxford and respect style. It uses a full grain leather and polyurethane sponge on the insole accompanied with Cashmere lining to provide greater comfortability and giving the best looks. Stacked heels and hard edge sound boards are installed to let you enjoy a beautiful sound coming from the shoes.

The heel size is 1” and it has non-slip pro balance pads installed behind the shock wave #1 tap plate. You can get this product at the store for $66.80

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  • Respect 388

This Bloch respect tap shoes have lace up and full grain leather upper as its basic design and materials. Kashmir lining is installed to give you comfort and reduce moisture so your feet will be dry all the time. Your Achilles tendon will have less pressure because of the heel notch. Shockwave heel, toe taps, and stacked heel are all installed to let you have a great tap dance experience.

Bloch 388 Tap Flex Tap Shoe
Bloch 388 Tap Flex Tap Shoe

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This product has a larger size than any other product, so it is recommended that you take half a size smaller than your usual size. It is available at Amazon at the price of £42.28 – £49.40.


Respect type tap shoes are quite popular among the tap dancers. The design and comfort is very well-suited with the price. Bloch respect tap shoes will attain its popularity because of its long-lasting design and reliability, complimented with great sound and comfort.

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