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All you need to maintain your shoes is a professional shoes shine kit. Included a saddle soap, shoe brush and soft cloth to clean it. Brush by working in a circular motion, applying the soap and wipe the leather away with a soft cloth. You should see that wrong-colored polish coming off on the cloth. Easy care. Yes, you’re pretty close to having home shoe shining kit. Then grab more items to complete the package.

Here Are All The Basics Of Professional Shoes Shine Kit


The Dapper Chap 'Buff & Shine' Shoe Cleaning Kit
The Dapper Chap ‘Buff & Shine’ Shoe Cleaning Kit

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There is some amazing detail basic tools you need to get started. Best options for shoe brush cleaners, conditioners and polish.

a) First, you will need a shoe brush. A shoe brush has two functions: to brush away dirt and dust to clean and polish. If you want to be a super cleaner and great to do it. Go ahead and get a dauber to use with all of your polishes.

b) Next tools you need is a soft cloth. Old T-shirts are what you should use for shoe polishing, just tear them into strips. Doing so also has the added benefit which in turn will help you to cull out a bunch in your rag pile.

c) Having leather cleaner and conditioner. Think of leather cleaner and conditioner as being to our shoes as soap and moisturizer. Leather cleaner will remove dirt and other stains, as well as old polish, and leather conditioner will keep the leather from drying out and becoming brittle or cracked.

d) And the last tools is shoe polish. Shoe polish is going to lend color and/or shine to the occasion. Cream polishes are for imparting color, whereas wax polishes will create shine.

How To Polish And Shining Shoes


Professional and exquisite shoe shine kit
Professional and exquisite shoe shine kit

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Alright, now you’ve got all those stuff new and want to know how to use it. To start using your brush to cut out dirt from the shoe. If the shoes are very dirty, or have polish build-up that needs to be removed, use leather cleaner. Or, just wipe the shoe using a soft cloth dampened with water. Do the shoes have laces? If so, remove them. Now the shoe is ready to clean up. First step, apply leather conditioner wearing a soft cloth, let them absorb until 20 minutes. While waiting, prepare the shoes. And now the shoes are ready for polish and apply it in a circular motion. Use the polish sparingly, when it comes to lighter colored leathers. If, after applying the first thin layer of polish, you feel that the shoe needs more, just put on a second thin layer. Then, let the polish dry by setting the shoes aside for 10-20 minutes.

The last step you should do is take the shoes vigorously using a brush, which will help to work the polish into the leather and remove any excess. In case if you want more shiny, first thing is opt a wax polish over a cream polish if you want to achieve a shiny look. Give the shoes with a chamois or other clean soft cloth. To do that, you will follow all of the instructions , using water or actual spit, dampen the shoe and then apply another thin layer of polish in a circular motion. Repeated until the shoes have the shininess you love most.

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