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Theatricals Tap Shoes are one of the famous tap shoes products around the world.  The term musical taps instrument is very related with these shoes. There are several designs of these shoes available in stores. Both women and men will need tap shoes not only for dance shows and practices, but also for hanging out necessary. The reason why many people feel interested with tap dance shoes because the appearance and look is no longer ordinary but attractive to use.

All of the components on tap shoes are well manufactured from scratch. Important to achieve the highest quality. The experiment also conducted several times with different components and materials. The quality of the sound produced by the shoe is the most important thing.

When buying the products, you will be given Theatricals Tap Shoes wraps, which is a wearable tap shoe cover to protect your shoes. The cover can be used to protect your shoes when packing or entering the dance floor silently. Overall, the shoe design is crafted with high precision, enabling highest comfort and maneuver for those who love tap dance.

Capezio Theatrical is one of the best tap shoe for dancers, brand taps shoes across the country. It has a variant available. The other tap shoes brands include Bloch and Leo’s. Tap shoes are more expensive than ballet shoes, but can be cheaper than dance sneakers.


  • Capezio Theatrical Women’s Manhattan

theatricals dance footwear tap shoes
theatricals dance footwear tap shoes

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Theatrical has its slip on tap shoes variant. It uses high quality and soft leather upper to maximize comfort. The split sole design was made to create flexibility, foot articulation, and ease the toe stands. Tele Tone features, which is mounted on a fiberboard on a 3/4” plastic heel, also equipped so the shoes will produce a lovely sound.



  • Bloch Womens Timestep

theatricals dance footwear tap shoes
theatricals dance footwear tap shoes

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This shoe has lace up and full grain leather upper as its basic design and materials low heel (including tap), durable man made upper and canvas bind for support and long lasting wear. Double tap with specially developed toe spring for maximum tap sound. Soft anti-bacterial sock for moisture management and to provide comfort. Comfortable cushioned insock for shock absorption. Two eyelet lace up fastening for secure fit

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Tips To Consider Before Buying


First thing, removable taps or fixed taps. Shoes with removable and adjustable taps allows users to make their preferred tap tone. Fixing taps at both heel and toe do not allow customization or change. If the taps are not replaceable, the life of the shoes decreases. Removable taps can simply have new taps added when the old ones break down. Also allow consumers to attach taps of different sizes and configurations, allowing perfect positioning for comfort and quality.

Second tips, make your dance movements. Move in them. Try a few tap moves and dance around a little to really get the feel of the shoes and assess whether they are a good fit, provide adequate support, and allow freedom of movement. The shoes should be snug without pinching and there should be no gapping between the back of the shoe and the heel.

Last thing, following simple rules, like, getting the fit right, try out the shoes, and buying tap shoes with removable taps to purchase the best possible tap shoes that provide support and give your best performance in comfort. After all, Theatricals Tap Shoes should be styled and affordable.

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