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That makes the difference between a dance class and having fun are the shoes. Attending dance class, you could not have come to use sandals, flat shoes or sneakers. You will only hurt yourself, can’t learn dance movements correctly. All it takes is capezio ballroom shoes for ballroom dancing. Why? This is because with shoe you will spend time to dance properly. If you use a shoe that is not supposed to be, it will only hurt your feet experience problems, such as:

Ballroom dance floor, slip made from hardwood floors. Quite dangerous for novice dancers who are not yet adept at balancing the movements of her body. The falling ankle slipping while wearing high-heeled shoes. Not all high-heeled shoes suitable for ballroom dancing, any provision of the required heel height. Shoes with rubber soles will be difficult because the movement of rubber would be more attached to wooden floors.

East coast, salsa, cha cha, samba etc dance challenged to we can do it, but quite complicated when it is not able to follow the rhythm of speed over the speed of the displacement distance. Round turn can injure the knees ankles when either determine dance shoes. For beginner dancers women use shoes covered when dancing with male couples beginners. For men to master to lead the dance properly and keep your distance so as not to step on your female partner.

Special capezio ballroom shoes are made just right for shoring up the heel also coated the surface of suede insoles. suede insoles on the dance floor can provide the capability of lap, gliding, handle appropriately without any movement or stiff slip. Suede soles to provide flexible movement sustains the body, knee, heel and toes.


  • Women’s E-Series

capezio ballroom dance shoes

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Slip on separate, made of leather, durable usage, use foam padded insole, absorb sweat. And measures available for children. Jaz E dance shoes textures and models captured perfectly pliable, flexible to follow the contours of the foot. Women’s EJ2 E-Series Jazz the perfect pair of shoes in each session of dance.


  • Women’s Flow Slip

capezio ballroom shoe size chart

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Pointe shoes are handmade, innovation and fashion design, improved construction meet the demands of customers. Women’s Flow Slip made of quality leather provides comfort and aesthetics. Padded insole lends. The draft made specifically to avoid achilles tendon


  • Women’s Sequins Round Toe

capezio ballroom dance shoes silver
Women’s Sequins Round Toe Latin Dance Shoes

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Sparkling women’s sequins make you be the center of audience. Adjustable strap ensure a perfect fit and suitable heel height let you easily dancing. Great shoes for dancing. The priced lower than comparable shoes, very pretty and sturdy!


  • Women’s Pumps Dance Shoes


 AgooLar Women's Buckle Round Closed Toe Pumps Shoes

AgooLar Women’s Buckle Round Closed Toe Pumps Shoes

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Women’s Pumps Dance are Made by AgooLar, is a brand for female with the best material quality control QC passes monitored. These shoes are made with extremely flexible, lightweight and comfortable. Suitable for any kind of ballroom dancing.



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It is time you invest buy dance shoes ballroom dance classes, and enjoy. These shoes can be obtained from outlet discount or outlet that sells dance clothes and accessories for children and adults, men and women. It also sells discount outlet for novice and professional dancers, as well as for dance coach. Ask for guidance from the sales to find shoes that fit your criteria.

Learn a variety of dance the ballroom waltz, tango, quickstep etc will be very fun and relax while using a pair of proper shoes, fit, sturdy and durable use. And also get couples dance.

That’s the review of Ladies Capezio Ballroom Shoes Reviews I can describe, if you know of other extra let me know in the comments field.

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