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List of Tap Shoes for Toddlers

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There are many tap shoes for toddlers available in stores. Tap shoes used by your children should be a comfortable one, so that they enjoy the time during the tap dance. Most parents would be confused because of the abundance of choices. You should fit your budget and spent it to buy a worth the price product. Here are some recommended tap shoes for your toddlers and children.


Tic-Tac-Toe shoes for your kid

Capezio Tic Tap Toe Shoe
Capezio Tic Tap Toe Shoe


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The basic model of the shoe is Oxford style. It has seamless side profile and very well suited for introductory tapper. Your kid will have less time to break in, not allowing slip to crush their moment with this shoe. The plush lining equipped in the shoe provide comfortable movement and shock will be absorbed by the padded heel.

Your children will have a good time wearing this shoe in the dance floor. The Tele Tone taps feature also equipped on the shoe. Comfortability is guaranteed because it has Achilles notch, absorbent brushed microfiber lining, new lightly padded footbed, and rubber sole patch. This shoe will be available on the store at the price around $34.00


If you want something new, there is always shoes with tap plates


Tap shoes with tap plates from dance direct is perfect for your children’s growing feet. It provides great quality, complimented by its affordable price. Because of that, many people buy this tap shoes for toddlers and consider it as one of the best choice for beginners, especially kids to hit the dance floor well with comfort.


tap shoes for toddlers size 9
Bloch Glitter Tap


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The shoes were made using genuine leather strap and durable non leather upper to ensure maximum comfort. It is available on the market at the price around $40.00 and it only has one color, which is black.


Capezio tap shoes for aspiring dancers


Capezio is one of the best tap shoe brand across the country. It has a variant available for your kids, which is the Capezio Toddler/Little Kid Jr. Tyette N625C Tap Shoe. It is an imported shoe made from synthetic material and sole.


tap shoes for toddlers size 7
Capezio Kids Jr Tyette Sports Dance Tap

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These two materials are lightweight and provide great comfort when used by your children. The heel measure of the shoe is approximately 1 inch. It has glossy tap shoe and ribbon tie closure. The footbed of this shoe is foam and it also has firm light toe box and heel counter for stable support during movements. It should be available on the stores around $30.00.

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tap shoes for toddlers size 8


You may consider all of the options above. All of them have great quality and will provide comfort during your children’s tap dance class. After all, tap shoes for toddlers should be comfortable and affordable.

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