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Most Beautiful Dance Shoe Covers To Prevent Slipping

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Dance Shoe Covers are one of the important accessories that all dancers must have. It is more than just to make them more beautiful while dancing, but the covers also the protector to prevent any slipping. If you don’t want to have unforgettable moment when people look at you with your beautiful dancing and suddenly you slip, investing your money for the dance shoe cover is something crucial.


Below are some best options of Dance Shoe Covers you can go with.

  1. Sequin Jazz Shoe Cover

This is one of dazzling shoe covers that will take the shoes from the studio to the real stage. It is recommended for you if you are seeking for the dance shoe cover which can slide on easily over your existing shoes. It offers perfect finishing touch to your costume and it works with any costume you want to wear. The jazz shoe cover also gives sparkle any jazz shoes you have.


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The company provides it for both child and adult sizes. For children, they offer XS and S while for adult the options are wider such as M, L, XL and XXL. The shoe covers are available in many colors from red, black, gold, silver.


  1. Sequin Tap Shoe Cover

From the same company as the first option, this shoe cover is available for tap shoes. It is a beautiful option if you want to start dancing with a dramatic look. Their sparkling shoe covers are easy to slide on your existing shoes. It works best for you with any costume you wear. The custom pattern they provide will fit over your dancer tap shoes. It means that the cover keeps the shoes tapping without any slipping.


dance boot covers australia

It is designed with separate bow slides on its strap. The company also offers both child sizes and adult sizes. For children, the available sizes are XS and S while for adult sizes are M, L, XL and the last is XXL. The shoe covers are available in several color options such as silver, gold, and red and black.


  1. Shoozies Shoe Covers

Shoozies is still a brand new product available for those who are seeking for cover of their dance shoes. It is one of the Dance Shoe Covers that you can use to cover tap, jazz, ballet and even pointe shoes. It means if you have those types of shoes, purchasing this cover can be helpful for you.

What the company offers is more than just giving a protection with its non-slip design, but it also has sound muffling tap shoe cover.  The cover from this company is sound muffling, washable, weather resistant and form-fitting.


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Shoozies even can be hand washed or dried in the shade. It is important to note that it is not the right product if you want to use it on rough surfaces. It is also not recommended to use it for outdoor practice. The product is designed for indoor dancing and indoor classes. Well, it is a good cover to pick if you are ready for backstage at concerts!

If you want to use it for your pointe, ballet and jazz shoes, be sure that you measure the shoe that you want to cover from toe to heel as well as the longest point when you wear the shoe. Make sure that you measure it from the tip of your big toe to the back of its heel.

To get the right choice, it is important to find Shoozie size that is closest in length to its sole measurement. Shoozies can be more than 1.5 cm longer compared to dance shoe sole measurement. Meanwhile, if you want to use it for your tap shoes, be sure that you have measured the shoe that you want to cover from the toe to the hell along with the longest point. It is suggested to choose the Shoozie that is about 2 to 3 cm longer than the measurement of the shoe. You also have to check the maximum sole measurement for each Shoozie. This is good to help you finding the right size.


  1. Pointe Shoe Cover From Sue’s Shop

It can be your next option if you love pink shoe cover. The size is available from petite, small and medium to large. The company also provides you both no elastic and with elastic choice.


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The Pointe shoe covers are what you need and even it is a must for any pointe dancer. It helps your pointe shoes in good condition, especially during warm-ups and when it is not in use. The cover is constructed from cloth along with the suede bottom. Petite is recommended if you need 1L to 2.5L. If you need 3L to 4.5L then you must choose the small mode. Medium, shoe cover is about 5L to 6.5L while large is 7L to 8.5L. The design is completed with SO DANCA logo.


  1. Pebbles Pointe Shoe Covers by The Ballet Specialists

This is the last option of Dance Shoe Covers we can provide. It is available in S, M and L for the size. The color options are quite many, such as red gloss, blue gloss, black gloss, red lace, black lace and pink gloss.

The shoe covers are constructed from nylon Lycra and it can fit snugly in line with your shoe. It also can fit every pointe shoe. Even in a dyed shoe, it gives a beautiful illusion and it means that you don’t need the hassle or permanently using dye.


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The fabric has faint glimmer which is good under the stage lights. The shoe covers are machine washable so that it is easy to take care for the covers. It works perfectly for those who want to keep their pointe shoes clean and good with the satin from wear. The covers are the ideal option for class use and the range of the colors will be good for your costume too.

To match costumes, you can use acid dyes to dye the white gloss dance shoe covers and it is so easy to apply.

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