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5 Most Picked Turner Dance Shoes in 2017

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5 Most Picked Turner Dance Shoes in 2017


  1. T8970 Leather Dance Half Sole by Theatricals

It is our recommendation if you need dance half sole constructed from leather upper with tan finish. It is available in several size options from X-small to X-large.

This theatrical half sole is designed with a modern look with the use of leather for your comfort. It is also completed with the half sole that will cover your toes with its super soft design. The leather upper closed-toe design makes you easily move your feet with the suede sole.


adage the turner dance shoes

This dance shoe is featured with adjustable straps and elastic binding. In another word, it gives you flexibility for snug and secure fit. It is a durable option and it is the perfect solution if you want a versatile dance shoe that goes for any dance like modern, contemporary and lyrical style. It would be fun if you purchase two shoes for you and your daughter.


  1. Dance Shoe Half-Sole Turner Stretch Canvas By Balera

This is a tan dance shoe half-sole turner that has the same size as street shoe. It is completed with stretch canvas upper as well as synthetic suede sole to provide you high comfort. The binding is elastic with dual elastic straps and one is adjustable.


turner shoes for dance


It gives you high comfort with the upper stretch canvas and it is also durable with its synthetic suede sole. In case that you are looking for dance shoes for turning that provide comfortable fit and snug, it would be good to go with this option. It makes effortless turning for any routine.


  1. The Turner by Adage

Choose it as your next options if you need any help with Turner Dance Shoes. This dance shoes are great for turning and it is available in various sizes starting from child small to XXXXX-Large. There are three color options available which are black, tan and flesh, so you can pick based on your preference.


turners dance academy

The shoe is designed with one size larger than street shoe size. It can conform to any foot and it has two elastic supports. The leather toe box is constructed from soft leather.

If you need all purpose dance shoes, we think it can be your best option. This turner provides you greater control with barefoot feel, but it still covers your toe. It is also constructed from fine leather with high quality suede pad as well as two support straps which will make you have high comfort to perform your dance.


  1. Turning Pointe 55 Dance Shoe By Capezio

Enjoy your dancing time by wearing this turning pointe dance shoe presented by Capezio. It is available in various sizes from large to extra small. The shoes are constructed from leather and it is designed with leather sole. The upper is all from leather with the EVA sole patch. Its sole patch is wider to give maximum floor coverage. The soft leather easily molds to your foot to give a superior look to your performance. The toe shape is rounder which shows perfect lines anytime.


turners dance center

It is a good option if you want an exclusive and signature pirouette dance shoes which are designed by Sophia Lucia and Capezio, the international dance superstar. It is the ideal turning shoe with the wider Eva sole patch to give you high floor coverage and the soft leather will conform to your foot and shape your toes.


  1. Kids’ Turning Pointe 55 Ballet Shoe by Capezio

It is the last option you go with if you need a dance shoe for your kids. This ballet shoe is designed from leather and it has a rubber sole. It is also featured with all leather upper. The Eva sole patch is also presented with the wider design to give better floor coverage. The soft leather makes it perfect for kids’ foot and the rounder toe shape will show perfect lines for her performance.

The various sizes are available from large to X-large. There are some color options available such as black, dark suntan and the last is nude.

turners dance centre rochdale uk


It looks beautiful and elegant with the Sophia Lucia ‘lovely heart’ detail, embossed in the leather and the inside lining has her signature to make it as the special option. It has a more rounded toe shape to offer perfect lines with the soft leather that will shape and conform kids’ foot. The wider Eva sole patch offers more floor coverage and it is an ideal option as a turning shoe for kids.


So, you have seen our review about the 5 most picked dance shoes which are good for turning. It is important to note that your dance shoes are the most important pieces for dancing and it is your gear. When you choose dance shoes, it will affect your physical health during dancing, your ability to perform turning and your protection from any injury to avoid. Some dancers even found their mobility is limited after wearing wrong shoes.

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There are wide selections of Turner Dance Shoes available in each style and feature which means that it takes time to research the shoes to find the best options with the most affordable solution based on your specific needs. There are a lot of things to consider such as your comfort, flexibility, style and durability when it is all about shopping for dance shoes that allow you to have great turning. It is always recommended to replace your shoes often to avoid any injury.

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