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3 Most Popular Liberts Dance Shoes And Buying Guide

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Liberts Dance Shoes can be your choice if you are one of those who love dancing. There are a lot of reasons about dancing. Some women may think that dancing is a good way to have an exercise for the feet and for the same time, it is good to have fun. Even some love to pick up a bit of rhythm to the dance class. There are various dance classes available such as classical ballet to hip hop which provide more options for those who love dancing.


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Well, it is not the matter of the type of dance that women decide, but it is all about the proper attire that you must wear should be placed at the very first prior to make sure that you are not getting any injury during the class and the shoes should help you to improve your dance skills. The dance shoes are the specially designed footwear that will support and protect your feet during your performance. Therefore, it is still possible for you to choose the most popular options that can give you the right protection for more enjoyable dancing performance and one of our recommendations are shoes from Liberts.


Most Popular Libert Dance Shoes You Can Buy Online

Liberts has wide selections when it comes to dancing shoes, especially for women. Below are the most popular products presented by Liberts to complete your need for enjoyable dancing performance.

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  1. Tan Hal Sole Shoes XS By Liberts

This is a beautifully designed half sole shoe presented by Liberts. The design is modern with its theatrical style that will support your toes with its super soft leather for its upper closed-toe. It doesn’t limit the freedom of movement by wearing this suede sole.

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This is a half sole shoe that is designed with elastic material to give you secure and snug fit. It is a durable option and it is perfect if you need modern, contemporary or lyrical shoe for your dance. The versatile appearance with tan makes it better in any costumes. It is available in XS size only. Since it is designed from leather, it is better to not wear it for any outdoor dancing performance.


  1. Black Heel ballroom Dance Shoes, 3-inch By Liberts

It can be your next option if you want to perform your dance by wearing heels. It is a black ballroom dance shoes that are constructed from both synthetic and fabric. It has suede sole with the heel about 3-inch. Its platform is about 3-inch.


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If you look at the very first sight, it looks like the shoes are identical to other women’s high heel with its stylish look to wear for performances, but surely it has big difference. Since it is presented as a heel ballroom dance shoes, it is designed more carefully. It is completed with better heel placement to make sure that it has a proper balance and steadiness so that it makes you easier to dance with the high-heeled ballroom shoes compared to fashion heels.

The presence of suede sole will support your foot to slide smoothly and it wouldn’t make you slipped on the dance floor, which is truly important for your safety and your confidence.


  1. Cinnamon Heel Ballroom Dance Shoe, 3-Inch by Liberts

Basically, this option is the same as the second option. The difference is in its color.  It is the alternative if you think that black is not good for you. This cinnamon shoe has elegant look which is constructed from synthetic and fabric materials. It also has suede sole. The heel is about 3-inch and the platform is 3-inch which is totally the same features as the second option.

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It has good balance and steadiness which makes you dance easier yet with fashionable look. The suede sole prevents any slipping happens so that your foot can slide smoothly. It is made much better with strong design and securely attached to your feet all the time. It gives you quality assurance and therefore, it is one of the most popular options as Liberts Dance Shoes.


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So, we have shown you the most popular options you can purchase through online store. If you are a beginner and you never purchased dance shoes, it is better for you to read our ultimate buying guide so you can easily find the right dance shoes as below.


Dance Shoes Buying Guide

  1. Understand About Your Dance Style

There a lot of different styles when it is all about dancing with different types of movement too. Of course, each dance style comes with its apparel needs and different dance shoes. When you want to purchase dance shoes, be sure that the shoes can cover your dance style. For example, if you choose ballet slippers, it is different from tap shoes that are also different from ballroom dancing shoes. That is why at the very first beginning you must understand about the appropriate dance shoes for your dancing style.


  1. Consider About The Dancing Shoe Heel Height

Just like everyday shoes, it is important to consider about the height of the heel of your dance shoes. It will make a huge difference in your dance performance. Ballet slipper is great for ballet or modern dancing type with no heels or flat. You may need dance sneaker if you love tap or hip-hop dance which requires a low heel height, which should be less than 1 inch.


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If you love ballroom or tap dance, it means you need character shoes which the heel height are about the medium that is 1 inch to 2-inch, not more than that. Ballroom dance style is also acceptable to wear latin dance sandals, which go with a high heel height that is more than 2 inches.

Well, it is truly essential for you to choose the right heel height so that you can move your feet properly for intricate dance steps. It is impossible if you want to perform hip-hop dance type and you wear high heeled dance shoes like Latin dance sandals. It will only terrible you.

Those are all about the most popular Liberts Dance Shoes and the ultimate buying guide to help you find the best shoes.

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