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A heel protectors for bed sores is a medical device typically built of foam, air-cushioning, gel, or fiber-fill, and was created to offload pressure in the heel of a non-ambulatory person to assist in preventing decubitus ulcers on the bone heel region of the foot. It will help to elevate and cushion the heel while confining shear, friction and pressure in the top of a bed or wheelchair.

Guards found in wound management are individual parts from harm or devices that protect or cover the body, such as elbow or the heel. They use atmosphere, Dimethicone, foam, gel, fiber fill, fiber fusion (e.g. Cotton/polyester), or a mixture of these elements. Suggested to help minimize skin injury as a result of shear and friction forces, an important part of preventing skin breakdown.


Repose Pressure Relieving Foot Protector Pair and Pump
Repose Pressure Relieving Foot Protector Pair and Pump

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Heel guards offering whole pressure offloading are a vital element of bed sore prevention strategies along with such practices as:

  1. Routine and appropriate with mild soap and warm water of the patient’s skin
  2. Regular skin that is dry with routine applications of lotion
  3. Mild washing reviews to try to find early signs of Phase I bed sores or exposed regions
  4. Protection of repositioning and motion
  5. Daily skin to help to keep skin healthy
  6. Dietary changes the patient remain suitably active


Inflatable Pillow for prevention of Sores and Pressure Pain
Inflatable Pillow for prevention of Sores and Pressure Pain

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Cleaning and care of the guardians

The normal operation of the practices that are fundamental, in conjunction with all the correct utilization of an expert heel offloading apparatus, can efficiently decrease the possibility of bed sores happening in at risk patients.



Gel Plantar Plantar Fasciitis
Gel Plantar Plantar Fasciitis

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Without a suitable prevention and treatment strategy set up, bed sores cause can quickly worsen and, left untreated:

  1. Sepsis
  2. Abscess
  3. Diseases of bone or the joint


The preponderance of heel pressure ulcers is an important healthcare issue. Major risk factors for progression of heel failure contain orthopedic surgical procedures, age, mental status, nutrition, chronic illness, and immobility, particularly hip trapping and hip replacement surgeries. It is necessary for nurses to begin preventative interventions that are proper also to identify patients in danger for heel pressure ulcers.

Vertical pressure, one of the etiologic factors in the development of heel pressure ulcers, can be markedly reduced by applying heel protection devices (DeKeyser et al., 1994).

Prevention of heel pressure ulcers is accomplished by decreasing or dissipating pressure over bone prominences (Pinzur et al., 1991).eels need more protection than specialization beds and mattress overlays offer. So that you can effectively shield the foot and reduced limb, foot drop should be prevented by a heel protector for bed sores and use an anti-turning wedge to maintain the foot in a neutral location to safeguard the peroneal nerve.

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