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Russian Pointe Rubin U Cut Design Shoes (“ruby”) glow and captivate with sophistication. The versatility of the u-cut Rubin has been given unsurpassed popularity among discerning ballerinas by pointe shoes. While the pleatless platform provides a polished finish the low crown, broad platform size and somewhat tapered carton join to suit many different foot contours.

Pliable, long lasting shanks support with elegance, and ground-breaking pre is ’sed by Russian Pointe – building that is arched mimics the form of the foot on pointe, to emphasize the arch while easing pointework and minimizing breakin.

Flawlessly cut for brilliance, the Jewels Collection beams with sophistication and refinement. In a range of V- U or cut -cut, each Jewels Collection pointe shoe is cut for brilliance. The pleatless toe platform offers a polished look, with sharp borders to improve balance. The low crown and heel that is glossy work jointly for an elegantly molded fit, while special non slip leather soles and sound reducing platform building improve your onstage experience. Pliable, long lasting shanks follow the arch with support that is graceful.


Rubin u cut drawstring

ebay russian pointe rubin

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  • Wide toe platform
  • Slightly tapered box
  • Low crown
  • Pre-Arched Construction


Rubin v cut

Bloch Pointe Shoe Dramatica
Bloch Pointe Shoe Dramatica


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Russian Purpose Rubin V-Cut Lightweight and silent using a glossy pleatless toe platform, non slip leather sole and superior firmness, Rubin (Russian for “ruby”) is suitable to the less-complete foot with square to slightly tapered toes. Rubin comes with more total heel contour and a broad toe platform, low crown to heel for the foot with less taper from metatarsal region. Pre-arched structure through the entire shoe mimics the design of the foot on pointe.

Russian Pointe’s exclusive pre-arched formation improves the great thing about the arch, reduces pressure on the very front of the foot (for high arches), makes it simpler to reach total pointe (for low arches), minimizes break in, and could improve longevity.



  • Lightweight and quiet with a sleek pleatless toe platform, non-slip leather sole and excellent stability, Rubin is best suited to the less-full foot with square to slightly tapered toes.
  • Rubin features a wide toe platform, low crown and fuller heel shape for the foot with less taper from metatarsal area to heel.
  • Pre-arched construction throughout the shoe mimics the shape of the foot on pointe.
  • Next-generation shanks provide flexibility and durability.


russian pointe rubin v cut


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So, you have seen review about Russian Pointe Rubin U Cut Design and Rubin v cut which are good for turning. It is important to note that your dance shoes are the most important pieces for dancing and it is your gear.

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