Shoes for Swing Dancing You Can Always Wear to Dance Party

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If you’re just starting out or going Swing dancing for the very first time, perhaps you don’t need to get new shoes for swing dancing only yet. Here are a few guidelines on finding the right shoes.


  • Girls 

Misu Women's Peep toe Dance Shoes with 3.3" Heel
Misu Women’s Peep toe Dance Shoes with 3.3″ Heel


Avoid spiky heels or high heels. Select a shoe with level sole or moderate heel that’s thick (large diameter).

Prevent rubber – it’s too tough to spin on. Avoid wearing loose fitting slippers, sandals or shoes.



  • Guys


Prevent rubber soles (i.e., prevent sneakers, unless they’ve been modified to have leather soles).

Leather dress shoes are ’used by guys with function good so long as they don’t have rubber soles. I choose to place Dr. Scholl’s padding inside these kind of shoes, simply because they usually don’t receive a good deal of cushioning.

Girls Shoes for Swing Dancing


 Misu Women's Peep toe Dance Shoes with 2.75" Heel

Misu Women’s Peep toe Dance Shoes with 2.75″ Heel


Orange County, I’d say the defacto standard shoes for girls Swing dancers are Keds with chrome leather soles.

The situation with Keds, however, is they come with rubber soles.

Lots of Swing dancers have their favorite shoe repair locations that will paste the base of the shoes and chrome leather together. Costs are always changing.

I’ve learned non shoe- professionals, but folks have said that you get that which you really buy. The soles finally fall away.

In Santa Monica, the shoe stores charge $30 to $40 was ’be looked at by me. I’ve read of other shoe stores billing as little as $20 however.


Guys Shoes for Swing Dancing

Aris Allen Men's 1930s Black Captoe Swing Dance Shoes
Aris Allen Men’s 1930s Black Captoe Swing Dance Shoes


The position is somewhat easier for guys’s shoes. Basically, most anything using a leather sole will operate. In accession to this, decide on a thing that suits your plan and is comforting.

Otherwise, brown or dark shoes are for Swing dancing, ok.

For the most relaxation, you will find a pair of gym shoes. This will become more comfy than dress shoes.

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Kinds you ought to preclude

Some Swing dancers can pull away with this, but these kind of shoes are somewhat more appropriate for the ballroom.

Salsa shoes: Several have high heels, which won’t work.

I am hoping this fast guide has helped should you be a beginner Swing dancer! I’ve sought to keep matters straightforward, although you’ll get many more opportunities. You also ought to request teachers and your fellow Swing dancers for guidance on shoes for swing dancing.

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