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Clogging shoes with taps is usually a modification shoes. Basically, you can make your shoe into a clogging shoe as long as it has a strong sole and can be added or fixed with taps. But, Clogging shoes have their own characteristic and specific components to suit the style of the dance. Here are some recommended products that can be changed into a clogging shoe.


Theatrical clogging shoes


Men's Tap Shoes
Men’s Tap Shoes


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This men’s tap shoe from Theatrical can be modified easily with proper clogging taps to suit your dance style. The design and looks of the shoe are quite sharp, accompanied by the use of sturdy materials which are leather upper, compacted hard layer sole and a heavy duty heel.

People love the shoes because of its durability and the size is true. But some of them find that the product is more suited as a tap shoe.


Dance class’s own clogging shoes


Dance Class’ Little Kid Big Kid
Dance Class’ Little Kid Big Kid


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Dance Class’ Little Kid Big Kid shouldn’t be missed by you who search for a good clogging shoe to be used by your kids. It has all leather upper and rubber sole. A durable stacked heel ensures its durability. A tough toe box is installed to enhance the durability even more.

Cushioned insole and terry cloth lining are installed to resist impact. Like the name says, the size is available for little and big kids starting from toddlers and up. The built in toe box and high quality leather is well appreciated by most people, but some of them hate the shoes because they have to buy the taps separately.


Capezio’s Clogging

Capezio 451 Black Buckle Bar Tap Cuban Heel
Capezio 451 Black Buckle Bar Tap Cuban Heel


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The Xtreme from Capezio is built for women with a soft polyester cotton moisture controlling fabric, allowing your feet to be dry at all times without the interferences from bacteria. This clogging shoes with taps also have Tele Tone feature and heel taps.

The taps can be replaced or refitted with the one that suits you best. Moisture absorbing foam and cushioned insole are installed for comfort. Spring steel soundboard is the place where the taps installed, giving an extra percussive resonation. The taps kept by an additional steel plate between the insole and outsole, which give an extra security.

Those three shoes are very recommended since they are can be adjusted and fitted into tap or clogging shoes. You should know what kind of taps that suits your dance style and make sure the taps fit with your shoes. Clogging shoes with taps are flexible and can be used for multi-purpose dance.

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