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The Best Zumba Shoes Nike For Workout

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Unlike many other brands of Zumba Shoes Nike is careful about bombarding their loyal customer base with countless options for specific workouts. Many of their models have multitasking abilities that make competitors run back to the design boards.


While there are several options offline that can work for dance needs in a pinch, very few models pass the test to earn a spot online. Those which do find their footing deserve the spotlight. So without further ado, the following options are the best Zumba Shoes Nike for workout.


Nike Studio Trainer
Nike Studio Trainer


Nike Studio Trainer

Nike’s Studio Trainer is a simple looking black leather contemporary fitness shoe that looks more like a basic walking or work shoe. It doesn’t offer the sneaker or the gym shoe appearance of so many other wild or loud dance options. But don’t be fooled. They are dance shoes.


Seamless leather keeps stitching from gouging your active feet. The low cut upper molds to your body and moves with you, as opposed to being a bulky burden. This helps build strength and agility as you focus on your fitness moves instead of clunky footwear. We’ve all been there. We get those hot shoes only to find they should have stayed in the box. The Studio Trainer won’t simply take space in your closet.


Nike Unite Cheer SneakerPerforations throughout the shoe aid in ultimate air circulation. A built in sock liner wicks moisture away from your feet. These are minimal shoes, so padding and bottom support are limited. But they have extremely slick soles and a built in pirouette pivot point which is necessary for serious dance fitness enthusiasts. Rubber heel and toe grip help you to stay on your feet as you’re gliding around. And the super lightweight feel makes it seem as though you’re wearing nothing at all – after you’ve broken them in, of course. Sizing can be a bit off, though, so be sure to try before you buy.


Nike Musique IV WMNS Dance Shoes

The Musique IV is great for beginners or intermediate dance fitness enthusiasts who don’t want a lot of flash. The color scheme – grey with pink and black splashes – is relatively subtle for most Zumba fashion.


The built in pivot point isn’t ice smooth, which can turn off some dance fans. But that gives novices move control than most comparable dance shoes. Great arch support and a built-in water wicking sock liner adds to the value.


However, the fact that Zumba Shoes Nike run rather small can drown all of the other benefits if you order the wrong size.

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