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Things To Consider To Get Best Dirty Dancing Shoes

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Dirty Dancing Shoes is what you need right after you have joined several ballroom dance lessons. The shoes are perfect for you if you want to be more serious to learn about dancing. Well, it is not easy to find high quality dance shoes since you have to pay attention on the material and the construction. Below are several important things you should consider to get the best dancing shoes.


  1. It Should Fit Snugly

If it is the first time for you to try on a pair of Dirty Dancing Shoes, be sure that the shoes fit snugly and there should be no excessive pressure you do. It is important to make sure that you will get ultimate comfort. It is recommended to go a half or full-size down for your dance shoes.


  1. Understand About Open Toe and Closed Toe

It is also important for you to know about the difference between open toe and closed toe dirty dancing shoes. Commonly, open toe shoes are designed only for Latin and rhythm dances including Rumba, Swing and Salsa which mean that it is more pointing of the toe and it is all about the articulation of the feet. The opening in the shoes will let you to point your toes better and easier. You can execute the footwork more precisely.


dirty dancing ballroom shoes

Meanwhile, the closed toe shoes are specially designed for standard or smooth dances including Waltz and Foxtrot which are about more traditional classic style. If you don’t have any focus on any particular dance style, it is still possible for you to choose based on your liking. But, if it is the first time for you, try learning dance, it is recommended to choose closed toe shoes because it offers more protection to your pedicured toes.


  1. The Height Of The Heel

The heel height for both ballroom and Latin dance shoes range from 1.5-inch to 3. Inch. It means that you should choose a heel height that will give you ultimate comfort if you are a beginner. A lower heel is good as a starter if you are not accustomed to wear heels.


dirty dancing dance shoes

In addition, there are two types of shapes when it is about a heel which can be slim and flared. Flared heel at this time is still the most popular option to give more stability. About men’s dance shoes, the 1-inch heel is specially designed for ballroom dance style and 1.5-inch Cuban heel is for Latin dance styles. If you don’t join any dance competitions, it is still okay for you to use 1-inch heel for both ballroom and Latin dancing.


  1. Sole Shoes Are A Must

It is also highly recommended for you to have a suede sole to complete your dance shoes. Suede sole allows you to have the right amount of slip as well as traction to offer more balanced and more control, especially when you want to turn or moving around the dance floor. It is important to brush the suede sole every once in a while to maintain its roughness. To do this, you may need a wire dance shoe brush.


dirty dancing silver dance shoes

  1. Buy Online Or In Store

Keep in mind that sizing can be different from brand to brand and we have no better advice instead to try and compare the brand options including the sizes and the models to make sure that you go with the right fit. It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy through online stores or in the store since it is all about trying the shoes you want to purchase.


  1. Understand Its Maintenance

Dirty Dancing Shoes wouldn’t last for a longer time if you let any moisture there. It is the main factor that will reduce the durability of your shoes. Therefore, it is always recommended for you to use shoe trees to make sure that the moisture is absorbed and the shape of the dance shoes are still good right after dancing. If you want to fight with odor, it is better to choose cedar shoe trees. On the other hands, it is important to note that dance shoes are not designed to last for a long time because the delicate materials and it depends on the way the dancers use the shoes.


dirty dancing shoes esting

What you can do extend the life of your dancing shoes is that to have two or more pairs of shoes based on your dancing frequency. It is helpful because you can rotate the shoes between the dance sessions so that they have enough time to dry out for the next use. It is also better to not wear, dance shoes, outdoor because the suede leather is delicate and it is easy to damage once the leather has direct contact with water and harsh objects.


  1. Set Your Budget

The range of the cost is different to each other. For example, Latin and ballroom dance shoes are available for 80 dollars to 300 dollars depends on the quality construction and the brand. If you don’t mind to spend about 170 dollars, you may get a great quality pair of the dancing shoes. It is recommended to spend more budgets as long as the shoes can last longer and provide you high comfort while supporting you to learn to dance.


  1. Don’t Be Envied With Your Friends

If your friend does look good with her new dancing shoes and steal people’s attention easily and you want to buy the same shoes. It is because when it looks good to others, doesn’t mean the same for you.


Dirty Dancing Shoes are available in many options. The options are endless and it wouldn’t be easy to find the right ones that perfect for your dancing time. Don’t expect durable dancing shoes if you always use it for the whole time with less maintenance. If this is the first time for you who have a plan to buy a pair of dancing shoes, don’t worry. Our ultimate guide there will help you to consider about the best choice of dancing shoes you need.

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