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West Coast Swing Dance Shoes For Women And Mens

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West Coast Swing is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular dance, it’s a fun dance that around two partners compressing together and then expand apart. As well as the development of West Coast Swing Dance shoes for women and mens are growing number now of kinds. West Coast Swing has extremely variable music. From old school blues to contemporary pop and acoustic, makes it easy to find music that you actually would like to dance. It is an eight-count dance derived from Lindy Hop.

They don’t wear heels, slacks and business-casual shirts, and have a generally low-impact dance that is suitable for people who have physical limitations. While some people do dress up or perform complex, physically-demanding movements, it’s not a ‘main feature’ of the West Coast Swing.

If you don’t have any shoes with leather soles, make your existing rubber-soled shoes dance able is to put duct tape on the bottoms to make them more slippery. A lot of dancers have their shoes repair places that can glue chrome leather to the bottom of their shoes. Prices vary about $30 – $40. But, if you really want some professional swing dance shoes, take a look to the West Coast Swing Dance Shoes For Women And Mens.


  • Aris Allen Men’s 1930s White Captoe Dance Shoe

swing dance shoes amazon

These are a handmade reproduction of a 1937 pair of swing era captoe dress shoes, the colour is timeless and reminscent of many of the jazz age dance greats.

Materials – Features the Aris Allen Raw Sole: a flexible leather sole and heel with a rubber layer in the middle of the heel for extra shock absorption – The footbed is lined with foam so it’s much more comfortable and supportive than most ordinary dance shoes – Heel height is approximately 1″

Perfect footwear for – Swing and jive social dances – Jazz performances – Solo jazz – Vintage and retro events – Making a vintage statement wherever you are.


  • Aris Allen Women’s 1930s Velvet Oxford Swing Dance Shoes

swing dance shoes aris allen

Authentic reproductions these Aris Allen 1930s Velvet Oxford Swing Dance Shoes, are copied from a lovely pair of 1930s set of lace-ups.

Materials -Mid-sized chunky heel, perfect for keeping stability -Suede bottom soles -Soft foam footbed for comfort -The upper part of the shoe is made from short-nap velvet which appears suede. Going up half a size from normal fitting


  • Aris Allen 1930s Black & Silver Lace-up Heeled Oxford Dance Shoes

swing dance shoes australia

This shoes were made and sold in Paris (called the Ostrich Pump). These are gorgeous shoes, with a rounded toe for comfort, set to make a statement at any dance or vintage event. Materials – Suede-bottom sole and heel – Ribbon ties – perfect for securing to your feet to ensure a stable dance – 3″ heel – Insole has extra padding for comfort.


  • Werner Kern Shoe Men 28051 Leather

balroom dance shoes amazon

Unique design according to the classic model in two tone style with punched wing cap. A comfortable 5 Hole Lacing offers an optimal hold and the sophisticated design of the shoe exceptional wearing comfort.

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