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What are Jazz Shoes Guidline?

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What are jazz shoes? Jazz shoes have characteristics similar to ballet shoes. Jazz shoes have a smaller size than the street shoes. In general, you should buy jazz shoes with size 2 or 1 size smaller than your daily shoes. Jazz shoes are the dance shoes most used by dancers (except tap dancers). Professional dancers provide guidelines for those of you who want to buy jazz shoes.



The essential guidelines to buy jazz shoes


Silver Glitter full sole Jazz Dance Shoe
Silver Glitter full sole Jazz Dance Shoe

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  1. Air circulation

You should choose jazz shoes that have good air circulation. Air surveillance is determined by two things; Materials and design. Leather is the material of choice when you want to buy jazz shoes. Skin is a material that is durable, elastic, and has a good enough air circulation.

  1. Need and Skills

You should buy jazz shoes that fit your needs and skills. Buy shoes that will really work for you, not expensive and good jazz shoes. Jazz shoes are more of a function, not prestige (unless you are a professional dancer). Start from shoes that have a medium quality because these quality jazz shoes will be able to accommodate you who are learning or professional dancers who just want to practice for a while.

  1. Price

Price is the next thing you should include in your guidelines. Good Jazz shoes will definitely have an expensive price, but is it worth it? Not necessarily. Prices should match your income and needs. It’s useless to buy expensive jazz shoes if you only use them for beginners training. Expensive shoes already have a place at the foot of professional dancers (unless you have enough money to buy lots of expensive stuff).

  1. Materials

Dancing is an activity that uses your entire body, not to mention the feet. In addition to supporting the activities of dancing, jazz shoes you should also be able to provide security on your feet. One of the important things that support the safety of shoes is the elasticity of materials. You should choose shoes that are elastic like leather (although the price is expensive). Shoes made from canvas are generally more rigid because the canvas is a fairly thick fabric (almost like jeans but stiffer). Also, the leather will not hurt your skin, unlike canvas shoes that may hurt your skin (if your socks are too thin).

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Best jazz shoes

Slipstream Split Sole Slip-On Jazz Shoe
Slipstream Split Sole Slip-On Jazz Shoe

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The best shoes are not branded jazz shoes (although branded shoes are usually nicer). Branded shoes are good, but not necessarily good for you. You can buy shoes that match with the “what jazz shoes guidelines?”

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